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Soul Journey Chart, Couples Astrology Art

Soul Journey Charts

An intuitive art piece based on an Astrology Chart

A Soul Journey Chart is a custom intuitive art piece based on an astrology chart. This art piece provides a window into the astrological aspects and planets roles. The art piece carries the energy and messages of healing and perspective unique to each client and situation. The astrology chart can be calculated from a natal chart (exact time of birth), a specific daily event such as a wedding, equinox, or start of a business.

Each art piece is thoughtfully hand drawn and divinely inspired with healing energies woven into the details. Based on style, symbols, rhythms and color healing an intuitive astrology reading is given from each chart. This reading can provide unique information to help with navigating life's paths ahead.

Couples can also order a personalized intuitive art piece based on the natal chart of two individuals, comparing the planets and their aspects in relationship to each other. Helping couples to call on the unique aspects in their relationship that may have brought them together and where to look to deepen their relationship, strengths, power and healing. A perfect wedding or anniversary gift for the special people in your life.

The artist welcomes clients to ask specific questions and to participate in an interactive reading with the art piece. It can be very interesting and informative to have a soul journey chart and an animal totem reading done and compare and connect the messages of both. 

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